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Small Murano Vase Vintage (70’s). Yellow. Classical Roman Revival Scavo technique.

15cm H x 9cm Diameter, original condition. 

Think Italian perfection, think Murano glass. Murano Glass is special because it is an art form that has existed on Murano island in Venice, Italy for over a thousand years. Murano Glass is famous because it is handmade by highly skilled master artisans. Each item they create being a work of art.

Scavo means excavation in Italian. The Murano Scavo glass technique imitates the effect caused by long periods spent underground, typical for glass objects found during archaeological diggings. Alfredo Barbini invented this technique in the 1950s.  The  Scavo technique involving the application, to the surface of substances that, when heated to about 1470°F (800°C), fuse and create an effect similar to weathering, thereby imitating glass from an archaeological excavation.

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  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Rome 
  • Material: Murano Glass Scavo 
  • Dimensions: 15cm H x 9cm Diameter
  • Weight: 388g


9.0W x 9.0D x 15.0H