Seller FAQs

Who can sell on Bazaa?

Anyone that respects our community guidelines and has vintage or antique items to sell - whether they are a professional or an individual.

What are the fees to sell on Bazaa?

Bazaa charges a 15% fee on the sale price of sold items. There are no subscription fees, or listing fees. There is no obligation or contract, and we don’t ask for exclusivity - you can choose how and when you use Bazaa.

When will I be paid?

Funds (excluding Bazaa fee) are released within 7 days of the buyer confirming delivery of the order.

How do I open a shop?

You can simply create an account, complete your profile and payment details, and list all your items for sale. Our team are here to help you get set-up so feel free to reach out to us as

Can I export items from my online store or another platform?

We can assist you in doing this and it makes sense when you have a lot of products. To do so, please reach out to and we take you to the next steps involved.