Welcome to Bazaa


We’re transforming the world of secondhand homewares by empowering people to discover, buy, and sell quality vintage and antique items with ease. Bazaa is a vibrant and trusted marketplace that celebrates the artistry of traditional craftsmanship, simplifies the shopping experience, and contributes to a more sustainable future. 


Bazaa brings together a community of sellers and treasure hunters, each contributing to the rich tapestry of offerings. Our members range from seasoned antique store owners to enthusiasts traversing the globe for hidden gems, as well as individuals restoring furniture or selling unique discoveries in their spare time. We take pride in supporting our sellers at every step of their journey, offering the resources and assistance they need to thrive in our dynamic marketplace. 

From our co-founder

At Bazaa, our passion for interior design and commitment to sustainability drive everything we do. We're shaping a world where pre-loved pieces continue to tell their rich stories of craftsmanship while contributing to a circular future.



Meet our founders, Aria and Thib. With a keen eye for interior decorating and distinctive pieces, the duo spotted a gap in the market — one big enough to fit endless vintage sofas through.  Paired with a shared passion and ingenuity, Bazaa was born: a marketplace for revitalising pre-loved treasures while keeping the circular economy spinning.

Aria, our resale and marketplace expert, brings invaluable experience from her time at the leading social resale platform, Depop. Her journey from Depop to Bazaa underscores her dedication to innovating within the e-commerce landscape, driven by insight and a genuine love for the resale market. 

Thib, our retail and logistics specialist, honed his expertise at Voly, a pioneering quick grocery delivery service in Australia. His deep understanding of retail dynamics and operational intricacies ensures that every Bazaa treasure finds its way into your home seamlessly.

Together, Aria and Thib have fused their skills to create a platform that transforms the second-hand experience, offering vintage, antique, and second-hand items for the home. As Bazaa continues to evolve, Aria and Thib remain dedicated to fostering a community that appreciates the value of each piece, while contributing to a more sustainable and connected world.

With these two at the helm, we're flipping the script on second-hand homewares. Welcome to Bazaa—where craftsmanship, community, and interior design collide to enrich homes and contribute to a more sustainable future.