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Antique bronze Burmese Opium Weights circa 1800s in Clinthe (beast) form 

A rare set of Opium Weights from Burma (modern day Myanmar). The Clinthe form or beast weight is a horned creature with elements of a lion (Mane and tongue), elephant (foot), and horse (tail). 

Ornate weights have been used in Burma (now Myanmar), Vietnam and Thailand since the 13th century at least. They were functionally used to weigh market produce and spices. With the arrival of the British to the region in the early 1800's the weights became a favourite for early collectors and one of the first 'tourist trinkets' with weights being cast specifically for these early collectors. They were called Opium weights to add to the exotic mystique as apposed to a functional name. Because weights were made both for functional use (with controlled weights and markings) and for foreign collectors, antiques of both types exist and many 'sets include weights practically used and cast for collectors.  


Imperfections from casting. Some softening of details, but most details are well preserved. Surface pitting and light mineral deposits. Rich patina!


  • Country: Burma (present day Myanmar)
  • Region: Mandalay 
  • Material: Aged Brass 
  • Dimensions:    Large to small (mm)
    • 111 H x 75L x 59W
    • 95H x 55L x 51W
    • 66H x 44L x 32W
    • 53H x 32L x 25W
    • 42H x 24L x 21W
    • 30H x 19L x 16W
    • 28H x 18L x 12W
    • 21H x 13L x 10W
  • Weight: Large to small (grams) 
    • 1302g
    • 688g
    • 232g
    • 118g
    • 64g
    • 28g
    • 24g
    • 8g
    • Total weight 2.476Kg


5.9W x 7.5D x 11.0H