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Interior design ideas to inspire a refresh
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Interior design ideas to inspire a refresh

If change is on the mind, giving your interiors a refresh can be a fun way to shake things up. Whether you’ve just moved into a new place, or desire an update beyond the risky business of bangs, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite ways to spruce up a space. From subtle touches and coloured light to curved couches and vintage furniture pairings, browse below to find what suits you best.



    1. Left image by Mood Objects - sold on Bazaa

    2. Right image by Emilie Faraut


    Curvy shapes and forms for a calm interior

    With organic, curvy forms gracing this year's Milan Design Week, this interior trend is here to stay. These shapes soften an interior and create a space that feels comfortable and inviting. In a room with straight lines, the contrast helps to create movement and depth. One way to achieve this look is with a soft, sculptural sofa that will instantly shift the mood of a room.



    1. Left image by Payton Butler

    2. Right image by Eclectic Revival - sold on Bazaa


    Coloured glass for a dynamic play of light

    While you may not be able to switch out your windows for stained glass, a similar feel can be achieved with coloured glass ornaments. Place a decorative rainbow bowl in an area where it catches light, or unstack those Italian glasses in pink, blue, yellow, and orange, and display them on the kitchen windowsill.



    1. Left image by Laurel Segrist

    2. Right image by Manor on George - sold on Bazaa


    Create a focal point with a mosaic of art pieces

    Introduce a focal point in any room with a cluster of small art pieces or a full gallery wall. Play with the placement of frames to create asymmetry or symmetry, striking the right balance with the overall tone of the room. To achieve a symmetrical look, opt for frames of the same size and place them in even rows or columns. For an asymmetrical look, ensure larger pieces anchor the space by placing these in the centre of your art collection. 



    1. Left image by Alyssia Rose

    2. Right image by Didi & Dora - sold on Bazaa


    Clash colour and patterns to bring vibrancy 

    To create a vibrant visual narrative in the home, layer your space with clashing patterns and bold colours. Consider floral upholstery against bold patterned rugs, a mosaic pattern paired with stripes, or complement bright colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel. This design style is an art to achieve and requires patience and play to find what feels right for you. But when you land it, you’ll have a truly unique space. 



    1. Left image by The Niche Room - sold on Bazaa

    2. Right image by Sash Gabriel


    Texture to lift monochromatic pallets

    If your style reflects the more earthy hues of terracotta, amber, white, and beige, there’s always a risk of a room feeling dull. To lift the energy without switching up the colour, bring textural elements into play. Try a sheepskin fabric for a touch of comfort, a metallic gold piece to add shine, or place a few handmade, tactile ceramics in your space to create a richer sensory experience.



    1. Left image by Tatiana Sirakova

    2. Right image by Manor on George - sold on Bazaa


    Blend vintage with contemporary to add depth

    Bring depth and character to your home by blending vintage and contemporary pieces. Whether you’re excited by an eclectic arrangement or prefer a minimalist feel, there are plenty of ways to mix the old with the new. Pair the sleek lines of a modern designer chair with a decorative Art Deco lamp, or contrast a vintage Persian rug with the simplicity of a Scandinavian coffee table.



    1. Left image by Watertiger - sold on Bazaa

    2. Right image by Marine Fleury


    Bring the outdoors in with plants and pottery

    As the weather cools and we look to spend more time inside, bring the outdoors by filling your space with a few plants and greenery. Pair indoor plants with aged pottery to mimic the organic textures and shapes seen in nature—or, for a truly unique piece, consider this Organic Teak Lesung Planter, originally used to pound rice into flour.



    1. Left image by The Niche Room - sold on Bazaa

    2. Right image by Polina Kuzovkova


    Shift a room’s mood with layers of lamps

    If you’re an interior enthusiast, you’ve likely heard that replacing the big light in favour of amber-bulb lamps can transform a room's ambience. Layering these lamps can also create dimensions that will bring depth to a room, whilst imparting a feeling of warmth. These strategic elements can directly shift your mood to feel calmer and more grounded in the space.

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