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How to style your kitchen using vintage charm
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How to style your kitchen using vintage charm

Kitchens are about more than just function; there’s a reason they’re coined the heart of the home. Whether your kitchen is a place for cooking up a labour of love, a social hub for dinner parties, or simply your favourite spot to sip your morning coffee, it is an integral part of any home and deserves a little attention. At Bazaa, our community of sellers has unearthed a range of vintage kitchen items to spruce up your space – from vintage cookware and pottery to bright retro bar stools and antique kitchen utensils. We’ve compiled a list of five ways to seamlessly integrate such vintage kitchenware into your home, no matter your style. 


  1. Left image by Kasey Hurst

  2. Right image by Eclectic Revival - Sold on Bazaa


Swap out your essentials 

If a style refresh is what you’re after but minimalism is a high priority, swapping out your kitchen essentials will keep your space clutter free. Start simple with a pair of vintage salt n pepper shakers. Opt for block colours and clean lines, like this vintage black and gold set. Replace plastic and paper packages of core essentials like rice, sugar and the likes, for a neat row of vintage storage containers. And for a touch of fun, consider bringing colour to your morning coffee with a fresh set of 1960s Japanese stoneware mugs in block colours of green, red, black, teal, blue and orange. 




  1. Left image by Studio Benny

  2. Right image by Didi & Dora - Sold on Bazaa


Dinner party pieces 

For the at-home chefs and entertainers in the crowd, vintage tableware can elevate the entire presentation of a meal–not to mention the overall experience for guests. Serve up entrees on a ribbed shell plate or create a real moment with this majolica oyster plate–a French antique painted with fish in rich greens. Place sauces and fresh herbs in the colourful frames of these Japanese ramekins, or decorate the tables with drip glazed salad bowls from Eastern Europe. And if you’re in need of new seating options to create a more social atmosphere around the kitchen bench, a few retro bar stools won’t go astray. 



  1. Left image by Giulia Soccolini

  2. Right image by Watertiger - Sold on Bazaa


Embrace the details

Let’s also not forget the more subtle elements that might otherwise be overlooked. While certain kitchen pieces may play a smaller role in the space, paying attention to the finer details can create greater cohesion. Plus, it opens up more avenues to get creative with your kitchen homewares. Add a dash of character to your spoonful of sugar with a vintage shell spoon. Emulate a feeling of strength and quality by serving dinner with an ivory and stainless steel cutlery set. Or bring an element of cottagecore to your baking routine with this rare and collectable butter dish by the famous sculptor and painter Ronald Van Ruyckevelt. 



  1. Left image by Kylie Silvestri

  2. Right image by Interiorwise - Sold on Bazaa


Retro colour pallets

If you’ve fallen in love with one too many pieces and are unsure which styling route to take, consider popular colour palettes from certain eras. Are you looking to emulate the warm, earthy tones of the 70s? Or are the pastel hues of the 1950s more your style? Perhaps the gold detailing and rich jewel colours of the Victorian era are what fill your interior kitchen dreams. Once you have your colour palette in mind, you’ll have a greater reference for whether you love a piece for your space or if you simply love a piece from afar–which is not always an easy distinction to make.


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