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Meet the Sellers: European Heritage, Upcycling, & Tips
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Meet the Sellers: European Heritage, Upcycling, & Tips

Recently, we had the pleasure of sitting down with three of our dedicated sellers, each with a unique journey into the world of curating and selling vintage and antique items. From architectural backgrounds to a deep-rooted love for European heritage, these sellers offer insights into their personal experiences, inspirations, and tips for selecting your next timeless piece.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to be in this space.


Elisa, Founder of Artif


As a Registered Architect, I find myself surrounded by a lot of creatives. This venture into vintage furniture is a passion project on top of my current job, however it stems from childhood nostalgia. Growing up, my grandmother, who is the president of the Art Deco and Modernist Society of Western Australia, filled her house with an array of eclectic pieces, and my childhood home was also full of second-hand furniture items. In 2022, while moving house, I stumbled upon a vintage warehouse in Mascot. The smell of the store, the energy of the space and the objects it held resonated with me and brought me back to those earlier years. It was a sensory experience; one of which I wanted to do more of. That’s when it all started. 


Daniel & Sandra, Founders of Interiorwise


For ten years, our shared passion for European heritage has driven our business. With my French background and Sandra's German roots, Europe holds a special place in our hearts. Just six months after meeting, we spent a whole year immersing ourselves in France, exploring and embracing its rich culture together. Then when we returned to Australia, we opened our shop. It’s busy; we work six days a week, but it's a labor of love, and we’ve never looked back! We really love European vintage antiques and we talk a lot about bringing the colors of the south of France to Australia.


Yessy, Founder of The Niche Room


I’m an art director with a background in graphic design. When COVID-19 hit in 2020, I finally had the time to pursue my love for interior design. I love hands-on crafting; it's incredibly satisfying. So blending these interests felt so natural to me and led to the creation of The Niche Room.


What do you love about working and curating in this space?


Elisa:  Every piece has its own story—whether it was a family heirloom or a rare find in a flea market. The history and generational ownership behind each item are what make them distinctive. When you acquire a piece, it feels unique, one that nobody else, or very few have in their possession.


Yessy: I love salvaging good-quality pieces that people are looking to throw away. When customers appreciate the distinctiveness and quality of my pieces over mainstream options, it brings me so much joy.

Daniel & Sandra: Sourcing unique items is an exhilarating part of our job, especially when we get to hear the stories behind each piece from their previous owners. So when we buy privately, for example, it's so lovely to hear the owners tell us why this piece was so important to them and then to know that we’re passing that on to a new home where it’ll continue to be cherished.



Working Antique Horn Speaker  


French Provincial Hall Table whitewashed on blonde timber.



What’s one of your most cherished items?


Daniel & Sandra: A couple of years ago, we spent a week in Paris, exploring all the different flea markets. One thing that caught our eye and stole our hearts was this amazing railway lantern. It was a bit dinged up and missing a few parts, but we found a lovely gentleman who is a lighting expert. He restored it for us, adding back the original pieces of glass and giving it a polish. Now, it looks amazing and sits proudly on our side table, always reminding us of that special piece of France we brought back with us.


How do you authenticate your vintage pieces?


Elisa: Authenticating the age and quality of vintage pieces requires a lot of research and collaboration within the industry but it's a lot of fun going down into the historical wormhole, it's a means to learn and educate yourself further.



Italian craftsmanship with mid-century modern design. High-quality leather and chrome detailing.


Art Deco vintage serving trolley, a prominent design throughout this period.



Tell us a little about what you sell in your store and on Bazaa.


Daniel & Sandra: Our fascination with upcycling goes beyond just painting pieces; it's about transforming the unimaginable into functional art. Our shop is definitely like a second home, curated with pieces we'd love to have in our own living spaces!


Yessy: At the moment, I'm in the process of adding stripes to chairs and experimenting with different paints. Whether it's spray painting chairs or stools in a different color to enhance their look, or giving them a stone-like finish, I'm always exploring ways to make a piece work better or in a fresh way.



Refurbished vintage Bauhaus bar stools newly upholstered.


Tessellated italian marble table (marble veneer on a wooden frame).



What are the upcoming trends you’ve been noticing? 


Daniel & Sandra: Timber furniture is making a big comeback, as people start to appreciate the quality it offers, especially compared to newer, mass-produced options available in stores like Ikea. We've noticed more young families opting for vintage second-hand timber furniture because it's durable, sturdy, and built to last. As well, there's a growing interest in collecting items like Murano art glass.


Elisa: In my journey, I've found myself drawn to pieces from the Art Deco and Mid Century periods. However, the Brutalist era holds a special place in my heart and I’m excited to see that it’s a trend that's circling around again. Especially as people reject the mass-produced shapes of modern furniture and lean to more organic shapes which display evident craftsmanship.

What is your top tip for those on the hunt for a preloved home piece?


Yessy: Trust your instincts. Each person has their unique style, so let that guide your choices.


Elisa:  Sometimes, you're drawn to a piece without fully understanding why. In vintage shopping and procuring, there's a unique energy to each piece that can convey its history without you even knowing it. So, embrace the journey and let the pieces you're drawn to, albeit at times unexpected, become a means of expression and cherished additions to your home.

Daniel & Sandra: The piece you were thinking about yesterday, sold today. It happens a lot. People hesitate, then it's gone when they come back. It’s like they think we don't sell anything! But then they regret not buying it. It's a reminder to follow your heart and not hesitate. Sure, some antiques might be pricier, but we've never heard of anyone regretting buying something truly special. On the other hand, we've heard plenty of stories of regret from those who missed out on their dream piece.

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