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8 Vintage Lamps to Warm Up Your Interiors
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8 Vintage Lamps to Warm Up Your Interiors

Don't turn on the big light? We agree. Not all rooms are created equal when it comes to lighting. Create an ambience that fits your space by using layered lighting sources and introducing a few (or many) well-placed lamps in your room. 


Here we share a diverse lineup of lamps for you to explore. From the iconic mushroom Artemide design to sought-after Flos and Art Deco lamps, each has the potential to add unique character to your home. And if you’re in search of designer furniture, be sure to explore our selection of vintage floor lamps for your next iconic piece.



Artemide Nessino Table Lamp (1960s)


Crafted by Giancarlo Mattioli in the 1960s, this mushroom-shaped design has remained iconic to this day. There are many replicas of the Artemide Nessino Table Lamp – but you’re in luck, this one’s an original. Moulded from thermoplastic resin, this lamp is a good fit for bedside tables or a simple way to bring character into any space. 


Price: $480 | Sold by Didi & Dora on Bazaa | Shop here



The T2 Table Flos Lamp 



A beautiful blown glass orb takes centre stage in this contemporary lamp – a design inspired by the vision of jugglers spinning orbs across their body. With a dimmable switch, you can set the ambience to suit the mood. And the chrome base offers a sleek and minimalist design which pairs well with other furniture. 


Price: $950 | Sold by Curve Furniture on Bazaa | Shop here



Mauve Vintage Lamp with Pleated Lampshade

If you’re looking to bring warmth with both light and colour, this Italian lamp in mauve might suit your vision. Its ceramic base and colour bring a rich organic texture, pairing well with other earthy or ivory hues. Plus, its pleated shade creates a dynamic play of light and shadow, adding depth to a room.


Price: $135 | Sold by The Niche Room | Shop here

AB Armaturhantverk Floor Lamp (1950's)

If you’re on the hunt for a statement piece, why not consider a floor lamp? Standing at a height of about 5.35 feet, this vintage floor lamp will not go unnoticed. With its generous height, slim silhouette, and gold detailing, this mid-century Swedish piece adds distinctive design to any room. And with its original 1950s shades, it’s a collectible.


Price: $700 | Sold by Oresund on Bazaa | Shop here

Studio K Planet Floor Lamp (1950's)

If you’re looking to create a warm ambience with a more understated or minimalist lamp, the Studio K Planet Floor Lamp is a keeper. A rare and collectible piece of Australian design history, this 1950s icon is an ageless addition to any home. With its adjustable height, it also makes for the perfect reading lamp over your favourite designer chair.


Price: $225 | Sold by Interiorwise on Bazaa | Shop here

Art Deco Chrome & Bakelite Table Lamp

If Art Deco is what you’re after but a table lamp is what you need, consider a classic chrome and bakelite lamp. The unique shape of the shade, along with the chrome base and glossy reflective surfaces, perfectly capture the essence of the Art Deco era. The blue and white mottled head creates a gentle, diffused glow, and its tiered shade will add character to the interior of any room.


Price: $950 | Sold by Antique Retro Warehouse | Shop here

Pink Ceramic Lamp with Tulip Linen Lampshade

If you’re after a softer approach, this vintage piece features a pastel pink base and a textured linen lampshade. A fabric that is not only durable for those mindful of wear and tear but also one that diffuses a soft, warm glow. For smaller spaces needing a light touch, white hues are also ideal for maintaining an open feel in any room.


Price: $75 | Sold by The Niche Room | Shop here

For more vintage lamps, explore Bazaa where our community of sellers offers many sought-after lighting options.

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